Innolact – Helps You to Succeed

We at Innolact help small, medium size and large dairies to produce better products.

Souring agents and enzymes

We import souring agents as cultures and other materials and additives like enzymes needed for dairy and food processing from Sacco System, Italy. We sell products to a variety of diverse fields from dairies to agriculture like poultry farming. As a domestic retailer we operate close to the customer, which makes quick and flexible reactions to any customer wishes possible.


Training and Consulting

We have decades of experience in dairy processing and fermenting. We share our know-how by offering tailored training and expertise for, for example, improving production processes, product development, along with hazard analysis and quality improvement. We also have a vast network of specialists from which we choose the most suitable ones for each project, based on the customer’s needs.

Research and Product Development

Research and product development are an important part of our operation. For example, we have developed our own lactic acid bacterial strains we are currently in the process of patenting and commercializing. These strains are especially suited for the pet feed.


Jussi Heinonen

CEO, Chief Executive Officer

+358 44 5727 760

Ulla Honkalampi

COO, Chief Operating Officer

+358 40 1690 090


Atte von Wright

Scientific specialist, Professor


Our aim is to introduce customers with answers that will bring their business considerable added value.  Together with our customer, we can improve the performance of already existing manufacturing processes, and possibly bring a new way of thinking into manufacturing processes.